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You are most likely wondering what is so special about WP Engine for hosting Wordpress based websites, when most of the competition can also play host to Wordpress sites and for a cheaper price, there are a large percentage of new websites that are built on the Wordpress platform these days and the competition to host these sites are high. 

WP Engine was founded back in 2010 by a man named Jason Cohen and has grown to be one of the largest Wordpress hosting companies in the world, there servers are some of the fastest fully optimized servers available for Wordpress website hosting, they are fully managed servers this is why they are more expensive than the competition, and WP Engine takes care of optimizing the servers with aggressive caching. 

Great customer support is another feature that stands out with WP Engine, before you even sign up for one of there hosting plans you can talk with there online chat and ask every pre sales question that you want, and they will answer you, there customer support staff are fully trained in Wordpress instalations and are available 24/7 365 days of the year, so you can be confident should a problem arise with your hosting account some one will be there to help you.

WP Engine provide three great Wordpress standard plans plus two custom hosting plans the premium and the enterprise, there personal plan is ideal for small websites and online blogs you get one Wordpress instalation, 10GB of storage,24/7 online chat support, up to twenty five thousen visitors per month, and a free SSL certficate for your website security thrown in for $29/month USD and remember this is managed hosting.

The WP Engine professional plan starts at $99/month with up to ten Wordpress installations, 100 thousand visitors and 20GB of storage plus free SSL, 24/7 support and a host of other features included with the professional plan, The third plan is there business plan ideal for businesses of all sizes, you get up to 25 Wordpress installs 30GB storage, performance applications and more for $249/month USD.

There are two custom plans available the premium and the enterprise plans, these two plans can be customized to suit your business needs and website, you can pick and choose how much storage etc that you need these two plans include every feature available on there servers, and also include exclusive CDN Content Delivery Network, to speed up the delivery on your website even more, they allow up to 1000GB for free.

WP Engine run there servers a little differently than other Wordpress hosting sites, and they need to as there servers are managed and optimized for Wordpress websites, they do not allow certain plugins to be installed like cache plugins as they need to keep the installations of Wordpress uniform to achieve the speed that there customers expect.

With a WP Engine hosting account you are paying for the performance a fast loading website, while you can buy VPS hosting with other hosting companies for a cheaper price with the same features you will not get the same performance and website speed.  Visit WP Engine And See For Yourself


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