What Is A Website Template Or Theme

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What Is A Website Template Or ThemeWhat is a website template,when you are designing and building a website using a template is the easiest way to do so, the template is the base for your website design, what ever type of website you have in mind there is a template for it, templates are available online from third party designers some are for free others by paid download, templates are designed for different themes a blog template will have a different feel and lay out compared to a online shopping template. 

When you purchase a template online they are usually presented in two forms, a quick start and just the template alone, the quick start is a complete website loaded with generic content and images that may or may not correlate to your preference, the idea of the quick start is that it gives you a base from where you can replace the content with your own, the template alone is just that only the template, if this is the first time building your own website you need the quick start your website building journey will be alot easier. 

The template is a great way to change the look and layout of any Joomla website, from the administrator panal on your site you can change the module positions, add or remove colums and add or remove side bars from the template structure, and many templates allow you to change the font color and style and many other website enhancing features are included, this allows you to change your websites prefrences with out any coding knowledge.   

Templates can be interchanged very easily from the admin panal, just choose a new template that suits your style and upload and assign the template to the menu items you need, when you do this your content is unchanged only the module positions may have changed and you will need to rearange your modules within the template, you can even run two templates at one time and assign them to different menu items.

When looking for website templates searching online is your best option, template designers like Template Monster are a great place to start, they have a large range of templates from online blogs to shopping cart designs, templates are sold in a range of options, from Joomla based templates, PSD templates that can be edited in Photoshop,to drupal and Wordpress based themes, templates are also sold in HTML format so you need to be sure of the type of template you are purchasing.

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