What Is A Domain Name

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What Is A Domain Name Used ForWhat is a domain name used for, making the right choice for a great domain may have many implications on the success of your website and your business.

There are hundreds of combinations for different domain names it can seem daunting at first to try and find the right one to suit your niche website, a domain name is a unique identifier when you choose your domain there are no two domains the same.

Your domain name can have a big impact on your seo, if your domain carries your main key word for your services or products that you are selling, this can be a huge advantage in geting on to page one of google searches for your product or service.

When you purchase a domain name from say Siteground the domain is pointed to the Siteground server if your hosting is at siteground you are fine, if your hosting is else where you have to point the domain to your hosting server this is done where you purchased the domain name in the DNS records, if you do not repoint the domain it will not work very important.

The .com is the most popular top level domain extension and is popular with businesses and corporations all over the world and is used to attract visitors from all around the globe to your website, there are top level domains specific to individual countries like .com.au for Australia and .co.nz for New Zealand, although they can be searched for from all around the world they are targeting visitors from that country.

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You can run a sub domain from your main domain, the sub domain requires a separate database and is usually held in a separate folder within your public HTML, a sub domain uses your domain name plus an extension, say we need to run a forum on our web site and we want to run the forum as a sub domain the url would look like (www.forum.bestchoicewebhosting.com) forum being the folder name within the public HTML where your subdomain files are located.

A great domain also needs to be easy to remember with the least amount of words incoporated into the domain, you do not want a long and hard to remember domain name as customers will often not remember the next time they need your product or services when searching online.

With so many businesses already on the internet with there own registerd domain name, alot of the main key words maybe already taken for your product or services that you supply to your customers, which make it alot harder to be creative with domain choice.


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