Website Security SSL Certificates Explained

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Website Security SSL Certificates ExplainedWith the amount of new websites that are avaiable on the internet each year the number of hackers also increase, and the threat of someone hacking your website and stealing important company or personal information from you is increasing all the time and a real risk.

SSL Certificate or Secure Socket Layer, is the global standard technology available now that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server, and provides great securiry when you are searching or working online.

The main purpose of the SSL certificate is to give authority to your website, to provide a guarantee that your website or any other website that carries the ssl certificate is a legitamite website and not a scam or fake site trying to trick you into somthing.

Only a while ago ssl certificates were not that common, they were mostly used on big online stores and Ecommerce websites where there were large amounts of customers logging on to the websites, and the repercussions of millons of customers private information landing in the hands of hackers would be daunting.

These days the SSL Certificate is building momentun to become the norm for any website, and particually any website where you are to register and login to enter the site or pay subscriptions through the website, with out a vaild certificate google will show the site as unsecure which would not be good for any business.

There are three types of ssl certificates available for purchase

    1 Domain Validation, this level of ssl certificate is the least expensive to purchase, and covers only basic web encryption and verification as to the ownership of the domain name registration. 
    2 Organization Validation, in addition to basic encryption and verification of ownership of the domain name registration, certain details relating to the website owner are authenticated. This type of certificate usually takes a few hours to several days to receive when payment has been made.
    3 Extended Validation, This ssl certificate provides the highest level of security available and is the type of certificate that online stores, ecommerce and high traffic websites need to employ a thorough examination is conducted In addition to ownership of the domain name registration and entity check, this certificate is the most expensive to purchase.



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