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About Website Content ManagementNow that you have learned how to install your Joomla content management system and uploaded and configured a third party template as in our previous articles on Joomla Installation and how to install a template, you are now ready to start adding and installing website content this is a crucial step for your new site, with out the content you will be hard pressed to keep any visitors engaged on your website. 

When Joomla is first installed the home page menu item on the main menu is automaticly set to featured articles, however this can be changed at a later time to point to other content for now we will leave as is, so to start login to your Joomla backend and go to content then to articles a new window will open, select new article this article will become your home page on your website.

At the top of the new article you need to enter a name this name needs to incorporate a main keyword for the topic that your article is all about, as in the tittle of this page you are reading now (installing website content) your article needs to be informative and interesting more so when the article is your home page this is the first page most visitors will see when they vsit your website and incorporate your main keywords in the first pargragh this will help with seo.

Your home page article needs to introduce and welcome visitors to your website, and tell them what the site is about, this will hopefully set them up to investigate the other content on your site and keep them curious, try to add some images and color to your front page this will help to keep them interested from a visual point of view and with the great article content they will be more engaged.  

The next step to getting your website online is to set all the options for your home page article, on the right there are settings related to how the article will be displayed, featured set to yes, status needs to be published and set the article to a category, this is usually named uncategorized when Joomla is installed but you change this to what you want relating to your website content, access set to public or it will not be visible and language set to English unless you installed a language file when Joomla was installed, then set this to your chosen language.  

At the top of the article are more settings, under options there are numerous settings for the display properties of the article, the main one is show tittle this will display the article tittle when set to show, under publishing are your meta settings for the article, the meta description should incorporate the article tittle and be around 155 characters long then enter your keywords and do not go putting excessive amount here just one or two main keywords or phrases.

Now go to your menus and select home the alias should contain a keyword, then under details, and the menu item type articles, set to featured articles, then go to page display, the browser page tittle is what is seen in the browser this needs to be around 65 characters long and contain your keywords, show page heading set to yes this displays the H1 tag on the page, and the page heading is what is displayed inside the H1 tag and should include keywords, the last setting is the meta description and meta keywords, make sure you do not repeat descriptions and keywords through out the site.

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