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VirtueMart Online Sales ComponantVirtueMart is a fantastic tool for starting your own professional online store or ecommerce website, this extension that is available for installing on any Joomla based content management system website is an open sourced platform, where an unlimited amount of products can be listed for sale online, the original VirtueMart was designed way back in 2009, there is now a VirtueMart two version two available.

To run VirtueMart you first need to have Joomla installed on your server and your website up and running, then download the extension VirtueMart and save to your desktop, then upload the zip file to your website from the back end just like any other Joomla extension, and VirtueMart will install on your website, pays to make sure any other extensions and Joomla are up to date to avoid any conflict. 

To configure the VirtueMart componant will take some time if you have never used this before as the interface is complicated, VirtueMart is capable of listing any product that is for sale including downloadable products like online books and operation manuls, video and downloadable learning can also be included, you can set an unlimited amount of categories for your products and include a descrition of each product you are selling.

There are numerous plugins and modules available for VirtueMart to enhance the design and layout, some third party templates are also available to allow you to change the layout very easily, shopping carts can be installed along with numerous paypal and other payment gateways to provide you with a complete online sales store, and better still because the main extension is open sourced you can install VirtueMart for free.

Currently there are over three hundred thousand online stores that are using the VirtueMart component to succesfuly manage there store fronts, VirtueMart have been around long enough to iron out most of the bugs in there system, there are other components around that can be used to start up an online shop, but VirtueMart has stood the test of time and is a reliable extension that can be trusted.

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