Popular Content Management Systems

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Popular Content Management Systems

These days there are some great choices as to the content management system that you can use to build your online website.

Popular content management systems like Joomla or Wordpress just makes building your own website so much easier as all your website information and content can be easily ordered and structured to suit your style, using a CMS based website is most suited to both beginner website builders and professionals alike.

The three most common content management systems are joomla, wordpress and drupal these three systems have been around long enough to offer you a smooth running and effcient way to run any website online these systems are open source and there is no cost involved to use them.

Joomla is the most common all round content management system and is used by a large percentage of personal and business websites online today.

Joomla is very easy to pick up and understand and extremely efficient in ordering your website content, joomla can be used for a large variety of websites from business websites to online blogs, Joomla is structured from components that run most of the sections of your website, these components or extensions are controlled by plugins and the content is displayed in modules through out the website. 

The wordpress content management system is fast becoming the most popular cms for online blogs from all around the world, as with joomla, wordpress is very easy to learn and the system can be loaded with a large selection of plugins to help you manage and run your website more effectively, these plugins are the backbone to Wordpress effectively managing most of the important tasks through out your website.

Drupal is a content management system that requires some technical experience to master and as such is not suitable for the beginner website builder, Drupal is based on a coding system and is more complicated than both the Joomla CMS and Wordpress CMS, Drupal is a system more than capable of building the most complex and efficient online stores and corporate websites, this type of CMS requires a lot more input and management to keep working effectively. 

Content management systems are not only for building personal or business type websites they provide a wide range of systems for other applications like online community type websites or forums, VBulletin is one example of a popular content management system specifically designed for online communities and is widely used worldwide, content management systems are also available for creating complex online shopping portals for selling products.  




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