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Liquid Web are proud of there web hosting services they provide a complete professional hosting service for businesses and professionals or anyone that requires a quality service they have been around since 1997 and have a great reputation in the industry, currently they are host to over 500,000 websites world wide and host some big names in the business world.

For the average start up website Liquid Web is most probably not going to be your first choice, they are more expensive than there competitors and the fact that they do not provide entry level shared hosting plans is going to send first timers looking elsewhere, for a small growing business, large corporations and industry professionals Liquid Web will be your first choice for a quality hosting plan.

Liquid Web hosting plans are based on cloud servers and dedicated servers so you can choose a service you require with a price option the cloud servers will save you a bit of money over the dedicated servers, and the entry level services start with Cloud VPS hosting they provide four great plans for VPS hosting starting of with 2 GD ram, 40 GB of ssd storage and five TB of bandwidth which are a generous amount of resources the other three plans offer more features and an increase in cost depending on the plan you choose and the amount of features you require.

They provide great customer support through live chat and there staff are knowledgeable and helpful in getting any problems sorted ASAP, all of there servers are fully managed allowing you more time to concentrate on your business activities and they provide Cloudflare CDN should you require this feature, and depending on the plan you choose you can scale the plan up should your business require more features or resources later on, they supply as standard SSD drives for faster server operations and a more effective business website.

Liquid Web servers are also optimized to run Wordpress websites which is a great feature as Wordpress for businesses and professionals is getting more popular these days, there servers are ideal for eCommerce websites and accept open source solutions like Magento, WooCommerce and Prestashop so you have a quality hosting service for any type of website that you need, for security they provide a free SSL certificate with managed Wordpress plans only, all other plans you need to purchase your SSL separately.

Liquid Web provide there customers with three choices of data centers two located in the United States at Michigan and Arizona and the third located in Amsterdam, you get free account level backups or optional pro back up plans with more advanced back up features for a small monthly fee, Liquid Web are highly recommended for any website small or large however you will be paying for a quality product at a cost that is more expensive than there competition so if you require great performance and quality from your hosting provider then Liquid Web maybe for you, so check them out Liquid Web for Businesses and professionals




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