How To Start A Blog Website

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how to create a personal blog Starting your own blog or information website can be an exciting time for you, if you have some sort of interest, hobby or you are an expert in your chosen field and you have some knowledge about the subject, then why not let other like minded people read your articles and share your information online.

When you have made up your mind on the subject for your blog, the first step you need to do is find a hosting provider there are many providers around these days, the most popular hosting providers like Siteground, provide a great range of web hosting plans, have a great customer support program, and have been around for a while.

The next step is to find yourself a great domain name, choosing the right domain name can be benifical for the success of your blog, the domain name needs to carry the keyword for your subject, for example New Zealand Experience a New Zealand Travel Blog this is one of our blogs we started a few years ago, the subject is New Zealand travel destinations so we have managed to incorporate the main keywords for New Zealand, Travel and Destinations. 

Your next step once you have your awsome domain name is to start your blog, you need to enlist a website designer, or start the process your self, if you want to start your self Wordpress is your best choice for a content mangement system there are others like Joomla and Drupal, but wordpress is the easiest to learn, most hosting providers have a one click install for wordpress through your cpanal (check before buying your hosting plan) and it is really easy you just need to spend some time finding your way around cpanal, this where you control the entire website from.

Now comes the hard part and that is providing unique and interesting content for your blog, if you have enough knowledge on your chosen subject this will not be to hard, but there will come a time or times when you will struggle to come up with new content, do not be tempted to go out and copy some other published content from someones website all this will do is hurt your seo and this will not be good for google rankings and it is called plagiarism not good.

Seo, if the website is managed by a webmaster you will not need to do this step, however if you are running the website your self you need to do the basics, have keywords in the tittle of the subject if your article is about Thai food restaurants, tittle should be some thing like, where to find the best Thai food restaurants, and this phrase should be in the first paragraph of your article also add other keywords to the article relating to the subject as you go, these are only the very basics of seo there is much much more to learn as you go.

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