How A Website Actually Works

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website managementsHave you ever wondered how your website actually works and how some one finds your website out of the millions of other websites on the internet, for a website to function there are a few crucial components needed.

The actual website files that are created by a webmaster, a server purchased from your hosting provider and a browser to view the website on like Google or Bing.

A website is made up of individual web pages, your home page is page one your contact page is page two etc, there can be a only a few pages on any one website or up to thousands of pages on a large eCommerce website.

Each of these web pages are formatted into HTML or Hypertext Markup Language, a type of computer language and in order to view the HTML on your computer it needs to be decoded by software and the most common software is your web browser.

Your websites pages are stored in a web server, this is why you need a hosting service, the pages are stored in a folder called the public HTML folder all the files located within the folder are accessible through the web browser.

This folder is assigned a URL or Uniform Resource Location which is the domain name that you purchase from your hosting provider or a third party website like ( so that your web browser can locate the files at a later time.

When you are connected to the internet your computer is assigned an ip address which will look something like this ( each ip address is unique, and the domain name server that stores your domain name, has also assigned an ip address to your domain name or url.

When you perform a search online for the browser asks the DNS for the ip address of the website, then your browser can connect and download the files you requested and you can view the website you searched for on your computer.

When you purchase a new domain name it is very important that the domain name is pointed to your web hosts server where your website files will be located, if you purchase the domain at the same place your hosting account is your domain is already pointed to the server.

When you purchase from a third party that is not your web host you need to point the domain, you will need to access the domain name server where you purchased the domain name and enter the hosting name servers usually two of them into the DNS settings, once this has been completed it can take up to 48 hours for the propagation of the domain

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