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business web hosting

Business web hosting is very important for the success of your business website, you need a fast reliable hosting service that you can depend on and trust, the nature of your business will determine which type of hosting package to go with.

For a small static business website that is only displaying a service and contact details where you travel to your customers, like a tradesman a top quaility shared hosting plan is all you may need as you do not need a large amount of resources or features, we recommend Siteground shared hosting with three great plans to choose from.

For medium sized business websites that need more resources and features like multiable email accounts, faster page loading speeds and more security a VPS hosting service like Inmotion VPS hosting, would be the best choice, a top quality VPS service would be ideal for accounting businesses, small online shops, forums, large blogs and a host of other medium sized business websites.

When you have a busy business you may need to look at managed hosting you will get all the speed you need and will handle a large amount of traffic, but you will not need to manage your hosting account. 

For online business websites that are considering selling or streaming live video or images over the internet there are a whole bunch of other options that are required that the usual hosting plans do not offer.

Corporations and large business websites would need to look at a top level dedicated hosting service that provides 24/7 customer support large bandwidth for high traffic flows and large data storage, a dedicated server will give your business website all the resources, features and security needed to reach your customers. 

We recommend Siteground Dedicated Hosting they provide the very best in dedicated servers with three pricing levels starting at $269/month you get super fast SSD drives for optimal data storage, DDR3 memory, four CPU cores and 3.2GHZ clocks speed this all adds up to one reliable and super fast web hosting service, and you get the very best customer support in available.

Siteground and a few other hosting companies provide a service called enterprise web hosting, with a enterprise hosting plan you get to choose your storage size, bandwidth, memory size etc these types of hosting plans are tailored to your individual needs, so you only pay for what you actually need.

When you need to expand you can just add resources and features to your current plan, this type of web hosting service is ideal for a large corporation, expanding businesses and large online shops with a heavy traffic flow.

ECommerce websites are becoming more and more popular these days and with the development of new products coming onto the market from all around the world every day, online sellers are in competition with each other to sell products to there customer.

A reliable web host is so important with eCommerce operations, if your store does not run as good or as fast as your competition you will lose customers to other online shops, the same goes with corporate websites you need a fast and reliable hosting service to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction and gain an upper hand over your competition.  

When setting up your ECommerce or corporate website a big consideration should be your hosting provider, you need a large bandwidth to allow customers to view your products and allow the flow of traffic through your website, a fast page delivery system like Cloudflare and your website needs to be secure with great customer support and the best features to help your business grow.

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