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wordpress were founded back in 2005 by Matt Mullenweg who founded Automattic INC who also manage various other companies like WooCommerce, Jetpack, Akismet and Gravatar.

They specialize in hosting the very popular content management system Wordpress and provide a great platform for launching your new website. are site builders like Webbly or Wix but they specialize in Wordpress CMS only, they even have there own customized Wordpress installation that they have engineered for ease of use that have many performance enhancements and security features for there customers.

When signing up for a account you have four choices, one free account and three pay for accounts, there free account is very limited in functionality and resources but you can always upgrade to a premium account at a later stage, this account lets you create a website and publish online the only disadvantage with a free plan is you get ads and banners on your website you need to upgrade to remove these ads.

wordpress plans

There pay for accounts start with the personal plan you get a free domain name for your first term of hosting and Jetpack essential features included, email and live chat customer support are included as standard on all premium plans, free website themes and 6GB of data storage are included with the personal plan.

The next price level up is there premium plan this plan is ideal for entrepreneurs and freelance bloggers, and as with the personal plan you get Jetpack essential features a larger 13GB of data storage, advanced designs and customization a payment portal and the ability to monetize your website are included with there personal plan.

Business owners in the United Kingdom are also catered for with a business hosting account, there business plan is customized to provide a great platform to open your online business.

With this plan you get all the features and resources that are available and include business essentials like Google analytics support, unlimited website themes, a payment system for online sales and search engine optimization tools to get your business in the Google rankings.

The great advantage with online site builders like is the ability to build your own website from scratch you do not need to commission and expensive web designer to get your blog or business website online, you have a large range of themes to choose from these themes are pre populated with relevant information and you can change the text and images to suit your own websites needs. 


Wordpress Web Hosting Solutions

Rating8.5/10Affordable Wordpress Hosting

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