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weebly website builder

Looking to get started on your new website but dont know where to start, there is an easy way using Weebly Website Builder.

Weebly have been going strong since there founding by David Rusenko in 2006, there greatest feature is there free website builder allowing anyone with no website building knowledge to easily build there own stunning website or online store.

Weebly currently have over 12 million registerd users on there website and they are a popular option to get your new website online with little fuss.

Weebly offer two great platforms for building websites online, one for building typical websites for blogs, general interest and information websites etc, and the second for building fantastic looking and fully functional online stores, the website builder is offered in a free version and premium versions.

The pro plan offers UK webmasters access to tools that are not available in the free version, you can still build a fully functioning website with there free version though, all premium versions of there website builder get a free domain name and free Google ad credits to the value of $100. 

weebly site builder plans

Weebly offer four great plans for building an online store there starter plan costs US $8.00/month you get there drag and drop site builder, unlimited storage, ssl security and advanced site statistics to monitor your websites performance, there pro plan suitable for groups and organizations start at $12/month, the business plan from $25/month suitable for small businesses and online stores, and finally there Performance plan suitable for large online stores or businesses starting from $38/month and includes membership registration, password protection and unlimited members. 

Weebly provides a great range of features for building and managing your website, there is a form builder and blog support which is great for any eCommerce website as you can write interesting articles about the products you are selling and this also helps with search engine optimization as well, there is also a range off apps available in the editor should you need them.  

With there premium plans depending on which plan that you sign up for you get search engine optimization and lead capture to help your business website get a better foot hold with in the Google rankings, pro plans also include support in the way of online chat and email corospondence, direct phone support is available with some of there plans should the need arise for one on one customer support, Weebly provide a community forum where you directly talk to other customers as well. 


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