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create a website with joomla

How to create a website with the popular content management system Joomla, for many webmasters the thought of building your first website can seem daunting and very difficult to understand, but if you follow these easy steps you will have your basic new website online in a short amount of time.

Web Hosting

The first step you need to take is to find the right type of web hosting service with a reliable hosting provider, for a webmaster just starting out we would highly recommend a shared hosting account with Siteground.

Or you can make a choice from one of our recommended hosting providers, then choose an appropriate domain name for your new website which can be purchased while you are signing up, or your hosting provider may offer you a free domain name with your hosting purchase.

Once you have your web hosting and domain name sorted log into your hosting account and find your CPanal access, your CPanal is a dashboard of tools designed to get you online and maintain your website, it provides website backups, email accounts, SSL Certificate installations, visitor statistics and a host of other very useful tools.

Automated Installation

Most hosting accounts these days provide automated installations of Joomla and Wordpress content management systems these tools can be found within your CPanal and most of the time only requires you to enter your new websites information and click on the installer.

This automated system is fine for a very basic website that you need to build up your self from scratch, however if you are installing a quick start template that is already populated with content bought from a third party template site like Template Monster then you need to install manually and this is what we will guide you through with this article.

Control Panal

 To start log into your hosting account and find your CPanal in CPanal find domains click on create new domain enter your domain name in full and click submit, then under databases in CPanal click on MySQL Database Wizard add a database name click next and enter a username and password note your full database username and password for later on you will need these, click create user.

A new screen will now appear and tick all privileges at the top of the page, click on next step then return to the CPanal home page you now have a domain setup and a database and username ready to install your new Joomla website.

Once back to the CPanal home page go to files then click on file manager and look for public_html click to open, this is where you will upload your ZIP file for Joomla or you quick start website file at the very top of the page look for upload click on upload and select the file to upload once the file has uploaded go back to the public html folder and and extract the file to the public html folder delete the zip file and log out of CPanal.

Main Configuration

 Now you are ready to install your new website, open a new browser and type in your full domain name,, a new screen will open with the Joomla installation main configuration page fill out all the required information on this page and add an admin name and password this is to access the back end of your website note these down for use later on click next.

joomla main configuration

  • Site Name: Enter the name of your site. Most templates will use this for the first heading of your index.
  • Description: Add a brief description of your website. It depends on your template if and where this text would be displayed.
  • Admin Email: Enter a valid email address. It will be used for password recovery and system messages.
  • Admin Username: Your administrative username. Please select a unique username, rather than "admin" or "administrator" since those are often subject to hacker attacks.
  • Admin Password: Add a password as strong as possible.
  • Site Offline: Select whether your site should be taken offline after you complete the installation. For the purpose of this tutorial we will leave this option set to NO (site will be live after installation)

Database Configuration

The next page is for your database configuration you will need the username and database name you noted down earlier when setting up the database in CPanal, enter all the required information needed click next to proceed to the next step.

joomla database configuration

      • Database Type: By default this value is set to MySQLi. Leave it that way, MySQLi is an optimized version of the regular MySQL database and it is supported on SiteGround servers.
      • Host Name: Once again, leave the default localhost value.
      • Username: Enter the username for your MySQL database
      • Password: Fill in the password for the database username
      • Database Name: Enter the name of the MySQL database you want to use
      • Table Prefix: Joomla will add this prefix to all of its database tables. This is useful if you want to host multiple Joomla sites on a single database. You should leave the default 

 Finalize Joomla Installation

The next page is for last few steps to finalize your Joomla installation, you will see install sample data this needs the box to be checked under default english sample data this will install all the contents and data of your quick start template that you purchased, or the contents of the downloaded Joomla files contents this makes building up the content of your website easier to understant as the website will be pre populated with content.

install joomla content management system


Installing Joomla

Once you have all this sorted click on the install button and the installation process will start this will populate your data base with all the files and link the database to your public html folder so visitors can view your new website, once the installation has processed you need to click on remove installation folder this is the final step and you can now go to the main website or the administration at the back end of the website

remove folder

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