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 what is a website builder

What is a website builder there are several ways to build a great looking website, you can download a content management system like the popular Wordpress or Joomla platforms for free and build your website from scratch.

There are difficulties involved with this method as learning how to use a content management system can take some time, or you can use an online site builder.

Online site builders are a great way to build your own website with out the need to employ an expensive web design company to do the work for you or take weeks to learn a content management system.

Building a website the conventional way takes years to learn the code and can take weeks to complete a simple website design.

Online site builders are a one stop shop to get your website online in a short amount of time, you purchase your domain name buy your prefered web hosting service and build your website with templates, themes and plugins all under your hosting account so all the features and resources you need are right at your fingertips so you can start to build your website straight away.

The process for building your own website with any of the online site builders is very easy, once you have signed up for your preferred service you can start by selecting a template based on your websites theme you may be starting a travel blog or a business website there will be hundreds of theme based templates to choose from.

When you have selected your template you can start to add your own content by dragging and dropping modules into preferred positions and adding your own text and images by replacing the default content within the modules this method makes building your website very easy as the content is already there you just replace with your own relevent content.

With any type of website theme you will always need extra features, your online shop will need a payment portal or maybe a reviews page, a business website will need a contact form for customers to contact the business, these are handled by installing plugins which are available within your selected plan you just need to install them and your on your way.

So who would purchase a plan from an online site builder, anyone from complete novices building there first personal website or maybe a blog to the seasoned pros setting up an online store, there are themes available for any type of website and learning how to build your website is very easy with any of the online site builders. We recommend for Wordpress websites, Weebly Site Builder for personal websites and Shopify for ecommerce solutions

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