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wpengine wordpress hosting

WPEngine have database centers that are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium and Ireland, and also one located in Asia. You can choose the datacenter that is closest to you and your customers for the fastest page load times which is a great idea.

WPEngine's pricing plans model is different to there competors shared hosting plans. they base there plans on a combination of different factors, including the number of WordPress instances, the number of visits your site will get per month. and the amount of disk space you need that you need to host your website.

All there plans, except the Premium plan and Dedicated hosting packages, are based on shared hosting.

While there personal plan offers Worpress websites super fast speeds it also provides a host of other features like 10GB of storage on your disk, 24/7 customer support through online chat, you can also use there online chat to ask any pre sales questions that you may have before you purchase your hosting plan, there premium business plan includes up to twenty five Wordpress installations and 30GB of storage. 

With any of WP Engines hosting accounts you are paying for fully managed servers, this is why there hosting services are priced higher than there competitors, you are paying for the performance that there hosting servers are geared towards and that is a super fast Wordpress website, you can get VPS hosting with there competitors at a cheaper price but you will not get the same page loading speed as you will with WP Engine, and this can be very important for business websites.

WP Engine will discuss custom pricing for its Premium or Enterprise plans as well so they have you covered no matter what type of plan you require. A CDN is included with all plans except the Personal.

WPEngine hosting Plans

They provide you with a tool to create snapshot backups of your website, which is handy when you trying a new plugin or theme and happen to make a mistake you can just revert back in no time to the origional. WP Engine also takes its own daily backups of your website automaticly, and adds its own menus to the WordPress admin section.

WPEngine are geared up for Wordpress hosting there servers are optimized to run the popular content management system, there personal hosting plan starts at $29/month and covers one website install.

The Professional hosting plan starts at $99.00/month and lets you create up to ten websites, and the Business plan starts at $249/month and has the capacity for twenty five websites hosted on the same account. and they have custom pricing plans available should you require more than twenty five.

All plans include the ability to stage your main web site, so you can do your work on a clone of your live web site, and then set the clone live if you're happy with the changes that you made. This avoids messing up your live website if you're testing different themes or plugins.


Reliable Wordpress Hosting

Rating9.5/10Specialist Wordpress Hosting

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