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siteground website hosting

SiteGround are great all rounders when it comes to web hosting services and promote hosting for many websites worldwide, they are our preferred and recommended hosting services for shared hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting.

Siteground have data bases located in Bulgaria and Spain, the United Kingdom and Netherlands, Italy, United States and Singapore so they have customers covered no matter where you are located in the world. 

Customers benefit from the basic CloudFlare CDN plan, free SSL certificates, and free daily backups of their website data on the server. 

SiteGround provide great customer support and responds to queries from there customers in English and Spanish, there website is localized for nine territories. They offer 24/7 live chat, ticketing, and phone support for there customers and are usually very fast to sort out any problems that may arise with your hosting account.

SiteGround customer Support

They provide some of the most reliable website security available. you will still have to do your part in keeping your site safe, but here are some of the security features that make SiteGround unique. Site isolation ensures that your site is not negatively impacted if there‚Äôs a security breach of one of the other sites on your server this applies to shared hosting plans. Think of it like a hosting firewall that protects your site from hackers.

All of there servers support HTTP/2 technology, which is the most secure option available. Many web hosts are behind in this area, but SiteGround are not. all of there clients get the benefit of a web application firewall (WAF), which protects against security breaches and is updated regularly.

SiteGround is a premium web hosting service provider with one of the most advanced and reliable web hosting platforms in the world, they host more than 360,000 domains worldwide and offer a reliable web hosting platform, they are very popular with all types of websites and they can cater to the needs of there customers.

Some of Sitegrounds premium features include generous bandwidth and data storage, 30 day money back guarantee on all hosting plans, full cPanal access and softaculous installer, SSD drives for selected accounts, free CDN with Cloudflare, super Cacher, free drag and drop website builder, multiple domain hosting and free site transfer on selected accounts.

Siteground automated backup

Shared hosting plans start at $3.95/month for there entry level plan, $5.95/month for the grow big plan which includeds unlimited websites and $11.95/month for there top level shared hosting plan Gogeek which includes all the resources and features that are available.

Siteground do not offer a VPS hosting service but provide great Cloud hosting plans stating from $80.00/month up to there Super Power plan at $240/month, There premium dedicated servers are priced from $229/month which include and impressive range of features.

Siteground provide three levels of dedicated servers starting with there entry level dedicated server priced at $269/month which includes generous resources and features suitable for large growing business, should you need more resources you can upgrade to one of the higher spec dedicated plans. 


Quality Hosting Services

Rating9.5/10Recommended Shared, Dedicated And Cloud Hosting

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