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Liquid Web are our recommended VPS hosting provider they were founded more than twenty years ago so they have a fair amount of knowledge of what there customers need and demand for web hosting services. 

Liquid Web are totally focused on supplying reliable and powerful hosting packages to businesses and professionals world wide.  

They are focused on high performance hosting services, so there is no shared hosting plans available from Liquid Web.

If you need budget shared hosting plans you will need to look elsewhere, they are host to over 500,000 websites worldwide with databases located in the United States and Amsterdam in Europe.

Look at the plan structure, and you will find Liquid Web is offering plenty bang for your money. they provide a bundled SSL certificate with your hosting plan so that your website is secure right from the start.

You get fully Automated daily backups of you website files. High end technologies like PHP 7, Nginx, Varnish, intelligent image optimizations are included for everyone to help speed up your websites loading time.

They  handle all WordPress and plugin updates for you automatically, and if there are any issues, there's an excellent support team available 24/7 via phone, live chat and email to quickly sort out any problems that you may have.

liquidweb wordpress hosting

Liquid Web hosting plans may be aimed at the professional sector, but they go to great efforts to explain there product range and point you in the right direction so you only get the very best hosting service for your business, they ensure you are not left to figure out the difference between Dedicated and Cloud Dedicated plans for example.

Liquid Web hosting plans are priced a little higher than many of there competitors, but you need to remember that they are focused on the high end of the market, offering quality hosting services to businesses and professional operators. 

Liquidweb plans

The higher prices are largely because the company do not offer there customers underpowered hosting services, with hidden costs and charges to surprise you, and they provide you with powerful features and quality customer support as standard. 

Liquid Web are so confident with there services that they provide 100% network uptime on there servers so you should not have any downtime with your business website offline, they offer a 30-minute initial response time to any support questions.


Web Hosting For Professionals

Rating9.0/10Recommended Quality VPS Hosting Service

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