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FastComet are an international web hosting provider with data centers located in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and Asia, they have a reputation for super fast hosting services with a higher quality service than there competitors for the same cost or better. 

FastComet provide a great range of web hosting plans to suit a large varity of websites from personal blogs to small and large business websites and there popular shared hosting plans include free domain name, free CDN.

With FastComet shared plans you get your own site builder this makes building your own website so easy with drag and drop capabilities a super fast SSD drive are also standard on there plans, shared hosting plans include a one click backup tool for easy website data backup. 

For websites that require more versatility and more power and control than a shared web hosting plan allows FastComet provide  great cloud hosting services the VPS Cloud hosting is ideal for webmasters that need more power and security than shared hosting these plans are great for business websites and personal websites with a large traffic flow.

Cloud has many advantages over other hosting services, FastComet handles all server maintenance security and any performance issues so you get a fully managed server this allows you can concentrate on your business activities and not worry about server maintenance.

Wordpress is a popular content management system all around the world and FastComet provide a great Wordpress hosting platform, there startsmart plan is there entry level Wordpress plan and includes free domain name for life, 15GB of fast SSD drive for data storage and unmeterd website traffic, they provide two other Wordpress plans with increased resources depending on your own needs.

fastcomet wordpress hosting

For all out performance you can not get any better than a dedicated server, FastComet provide a super fast and reliable dedicated hosting service these plans include cpanal so you have full control should the need arise, you get a choice of data centers world wide and the best security you will find any where, all dedicated plans include automated data backup which are taken on a daily basis.

With any of FastComets hosting plans you get to choose your billing cycle you can select to pay each month, every 12 months, two years or thirty six months, the monthly cycle really is not the best option as you need to pay a one time setup fee which is waived with any of the other payment options, there are also great savings to be gained with the longer billing cycles with the thirty six month working out the cheapest.

There are many pros and cons with a FastComet account, notable benefits include free content delivery network for a faster performing website, you get to choose your own domain name which is free for life you do not need to re register at the end of your term, 24/7 premium support through ticketing and live chat, and FastComet provide a huge tutorial base so that you can learn more about the service that FastComet provide.

fastcomet customer support

Fastcomet shared hosting plans start at a competitive $2.95/month which includes a free domain name for life a super fast 15GB SSD drive and free ssl certificate for website security, cloud VPS is available from $59/month and dedicated server hosting from $139/month.

FastComet fortunately only have a few drawbacks one of these drawbacks is they do not provide an uptime guarantee, some of there competitors provide 99% uptime guarantee or even 100% while this is not really a big deal as you are not expected to run into many issues, the only other drawback is with there monthly billing cycle you get charged a setup fee on any hosting plan you take out with a monthly cycle.


Super Fast Web Hosting

Rating9.0/10Fast Reliable Web Hosting

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